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Each week, we honor a Deer in the Spotlight- someone who embodies our values. Leo Babauta (@zen_habits on Twitter) is this week’s Deer in the Spotlight. Leo is a celebrated top-25 blogger who dedicates his time to others, offering them tips on how to focus their priorities and be more efficient at what they do.

We recently interviewed Leo and have shared his perspective below:
DD:  When did you first determine that living a minimalist lifestyle helped you focus your priorities?
LB: It’s been a gradual realization and learning process, but I’ve been fascinated with simplifying for over a decade. As I’ve simplified
slowly, I’ve gotten better at it, and at each stage I learn the things necessary to move me to the next stage. Priorities are at the heart of it, and as you simplify, stripping things down to the essential, you must consider and decide what is essential.

DD: In one of your blog posts, you mention defeating burnout. Did you ever burn out? Was a cluttered lifestyle the cause?
LB: I’ve burned out a number of times, and each time, I decided to change my life and usually my job. Overwork and trying to take on too much was usually the cause. Simplifying my life was usually the solution, as was finding a new challenge that excited me, and better aligned with my priorities.

DD: What could you say to a person who has many things cluttering their time?
LB: If you aren’t able to achieve the things you want to achieve, do the things that you think are important, and have the life you want, then I’d say simplifying your life is the answer. Start by figuring out the 4-5 things that are most important to you (your short list), then make a list of everything in your life that takes up time, that is a time commitment, and eliminate things on this list that aren’t on the short list. Slowly, and over time.

DD: What is your favorite activity to do with your family time?

LB: Reading and talking with my kids. Physical things, like playing soccer or shooting Nerf darts at each other, are also loads of fun.

We encourage you to visit Leo’s blog for more valuable guidance from Leo, the Deer in the Spotlight.

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